Is it possible to have pure thoughts all the time? Why are impure thoughts such a struggle? So many today feel trapped in habits and expectations that only create more stress and disappointment. In this hilarious message, Gary Smalley shares his secret to changing the thoughts, words, actions and yes the very desires, which originate in our heart.

61 min.
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Thank U and God! I used to feel like I was missing things in life and being cheated because everybody was out having fun. Now I look forward to my evenings at home listening to all these videos. I know I need help. Thank U!!!


Convicting... The belief's flowing out of our hearts in the form of thoughts, words, and actions is so key. I still struggle with my thoughts at times and I thought it wasn't in my heart because my bad thoughts were not in my actions or words-I was wrong. Thank you for the reminder of chewing on scripture day and night. Now to find some good verses so Christ can work through me too freedom!
Thank you Gary!


Memorizing Galatians 5:13 really works! Thank you!