The Principle of Design

  • Understanding the cause of inferiority
  • Accepting our ten unchangeables (including physical features)
  • Learning inward character as the basis of true happiness (Matthew 5)
  • Seeing "defects" as "marks of ownership"
73 min.



Mr. Gothard has some amazing views into young people. My two oldest kids 12 and 19 have been watching this every day now (today being the second) and come away with wisdom that I could have never imparted to them. Mr. Gothard has a way in which speaking and reaching the heart of my kids which tell me what they have learned and when speaking with them separately it really blows me away with such Godly knowledge they have received.

At first my 19 did not seem to want to watch it but now being the second day she is reflecting on herself growing up and I am hearing some things I never knew about or even knew what she had thought. I praise God for changing her mind at such a young age because if she had continued on her way of thinking it would have ended badly not only for her but on the rest of our family.

My boy as well. He had tried to run away about two years ago but found shortly after he begin to run. (praise God) Some hurts are surfacing from this program and I listen to him with a discerning heart not judging him.

Oh how I thank God daily for my children and I hope others can learn and head things off before items get worst in their families.

Thank you for allowing me to comment.


thank you for this video, I have struggled with inferiority but Mr. Gothard has really helped. Thank you God!


When my mom wanted me to do this I was like they are so long and I have lots of other things I have to get done. but, as I am doing them it has changed my outlook on them and that I needed to spend more time with him and in His word!
Thanks for having this online it has changed my outlook. :)


excellent... thank you


I am thankful as well for the entire seminar and the opportunity to review over and over again I am watching it with my 11yr old son.

David Helriegel

What a blessing these are! It has been many years since I have last seen these seminars. Thank you so much for putting these on the internet! One thing I miss very much was not seeing the chalk talk at the end of the second session.
I wish you kept the chalk talks at the end of the sessions that they used to appear at. Many folks who have not attended a seminar do not know what they are missing.


I first attended a Basic back in 1987 in Minneapolis, MN when I was 16 years. The Lord used the Basic and Advanced as well as ATI, to be a help and inspiration to my family and I. I was saved, in fact, at a Basic when I was nineteen years old. Praise His name!

I'm so excited to now have the Seminars, etc. at my fingertips on the web!

Thank you so much, Mr. Gothard and Staff, for all the work you do to share the Gospel!