• Three phases of the work of God's Spirit
  • Three steps to gain the power of love
  • How to pass each test
  • The rewards of passing the tests
  • How to turn tests into the power of love
74 min.



Thank you for the wonderful seminar. I wish there would be available all the seminars in Russian as I love the teachings that are pure and simple, but my English is not as good as I wanted to be, but my husbands is much less then mine. We really hope that it would be available in our language as we have so many family and friends that would really enjoy as much as we do, but a lot of them would not be able to understand even as much as I do.
Thank you.


I'm so thankful for this website and all of your teachings. I listen every day to your seminars. I'm a homeschool mom and since my kids are here all day they get to hear as well. We've had some very good conversations after listening.

Anonymous (not verified)

Words can not express the gratitude I have for this. Thanks a mil! Peace & safety to you & yours!