Advanced Seminar Session 07: Music Evaluation

  • Scope of demonology
  • How to know God's will for daily decisions
  • Basic principles of music evaluation
  • There is no such thing as amoral music.
  • Music is a form of worship. It is corrupted when mixed with carnality.
  • It is wrong to use carnal music to present a holy message.
  • All parts of music must obey God's laws of order.
  • Sensuous tactics have no place in Christian music.
  • Musicians must see themselves as ministers, not performers.
  • Spiritual results do not justify carnal music.
  • Loving the world's music deadens sensitivity to evil.


75 min.



Where besides the IBLP store can you find godly music? It would have been nice if there were some examples of godly music in this talk. I do not have very much discernment besides believing that music should be scripture, hymns, psalms or spiritual songs.