• Ocean Storm
    How to Do the Impossible Why would you want to waste your life merely doing something great for God when He invites you to do the impossible for Him?
  • The New Creature How a Christian can be victorious as he views himself as a new creature in Christ!
  • Three Mountains of Life Doug Small presents three Biblical mountains that each represent a perspective of our Heavenly Father's character
  • True and False Grace Tom Harmon shines a new light on Christ's sufficiency and our dependence upon His grace for every good work.
  • How One Man Can Change History Commander J. David Rogers shares the dramatic results of one man's responsibility, determination, and sacrifice at Pearl Harbor.
  • The Basic Seminar in Sign Language! A special edition of the Basic Seminar is now available for the hearing impaired.
  • Discover Your Destiny Doug Small recounts the story of Joseph as it applies to understanding God's purpose.

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A seminar in resolving basic youth conflicts

Practical application of Biblical principles

Don't manage anger, resolve it!

Understanding God's principles of finance

The Pineapple Story series by Otto Koning.

Living in Victory Every Day!

Do the Impossible!

On to Victory with Kingdom Wealth!